Heckrodt Birding Club

Visitors_watching_their_favorite_birdsHeckrodt Birding Club meets the first Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM at Heckrodt Wetland Reserve.  A presentation is followed by social time to meet fellow birders. Outings are held Thismonthly.

There is no fee to attend meetings.  Some outings may have entry fees for various properties.  Club membership is $10/year.  All membership fees are tax deductible and support HWR Birding Club activities.

The 2019 schedule is a work in progress.

February 2019
February 5  SOAR – Snowy Owl Airport Relocation., Frank Ujazdowski.
Frank is a local falconer and avid nature lover.  He grew up in the woods of northern Wisconsin and had an early interest in raptors.  Frank finally made that love a reality by becoming a falconer a few years ago.  Today he enjoys sharing his passion for this amazing and rare sport through seminars and taking people out to see the birds hunt.

Outing February 9 (Saturday)- Winter birds in the Fox Valley.  Goals:  Early migrants, shorebirds and winter birds.  Meet at Heckrodt parking lot at 9:00 AM

March 2019
Meeting March 5 (Tuesday), 6:30 PM Birding in Alaska.  Michael Gray
Michael Gray is a 16 year old birder from Manawa, Wisconsin.  He has been a birder for six years now, and it has been the center of his life for most of that time.  Michael will be taking us on his most recent trip to the remote state of Alaska exploring all the major regions as well as touching on conservation issues directly involved with this area.

Outing  March 30 (Saturday)  Goose Pond and several locations in the Madison area. Goals: ducks, swans, geese and early migrants.  Meet at Heckrodt parking lot at 7:30 AM

April 2019
Meeting  April 2  (Tuesday), 6:30 PM- Bird Feeding and Bird Houses.  Marie Rohrer
Marie is the owner of Wild Perch and Paw located in Neenah.  this incredible store has a great variety of see types, houses and other incredible items for sale.  Marie is very knowledgeable about feeding the birds and even mixes her own seed blends.

Outing  April 13 (Saturday) – Shiocton Area – Mack Van Patten Rd and other locations.  Goals: swans, ducks, eagles, and others,  Meet at Heckrodt parking lot at 8 AM.

May 2019
Outing  May 7 (Tuesday) – In lieu of a meeting, we’ll bird High Cliff State Park and Peterson Rd.  Goals: Early Warblers, woodland birds, and water birds.  Meet at High Cliff Lime Kiln parking lot at 5:30 PM.  State Park admission required.

Outing May 11 (Saturday) – Horicon Marsh.  Goals:  early migrant and resident including warbler, shore birds, ducks, geese and swans.  Meet at Heckrodt parking lot at 7:30 AM

Festival – May 15-18 (Weds – Sat) Ashland Birdfest. Goals warblers, grassland birds, shore birds, waterbirds, raptors.  Each participant responsible for their own registration, transportation, and lodging.

Outing – May 21 (Tues)  Heckrodt Wetland Reserve.  Goals: local birds found at Heckrodt.