Plastic Recycle Drive

Recycle Beyond the Bag!
Plastic Bag Collection Drive Helps Sustainability

Feeling overwhelmed with all the plastic bags in your life?

– 160,000 plastic bags are used every 5 seconds
– 5 trillion are used every year world wide
– They’re used only for an average of only 12 minutes
– They take well over 500 years to break down into micro-plastics that pollute our water and many organisms

 Now are you feeling overwhelmed? Have no fear, Heckrodt Wetland Reserve has partnered with Trex Decking to provide you with a drop off site for your clean and dry plastic bags. We will accept:

-Produce & Bread Bags – Ziploc Bags
-Grocery Bags – Bubble wrap
-Cereal and Ice Bags -Dry-cleaning Bags
-Shopping Bags -Birdseed Bags

 Help us make a difference in the world! Plus if we raise over 500 pounds, Heckrodt will get a free recycled bench!

The plastic collection drive will continue through the end of February 2019.

How are we doing?

Week of August 6                              73.92 pounds
Week of August 13                            43.56 pounds
Week of August 20                            26.55 pounds
Week of August 27                            47.39 pounds
Week of September 3                        14.94 pounds
Week of September 10                      46.8 pounds

As of the week of September 10, we have collected 253.2 pounds of plastic.  Half way to one bench!