Prairie Snowshoe Frolic

Saturday February 27, 2021 from 10:00am- 12:00pm

$8 per person (online register only) 

Register for event HERE

Come out to the Reserve for a unique snowshoe adventure. Experience the prairie through new winter trails that will get you inside one of the most diverse areas of Heckrodt Wetland Reserve. See signs of honeybees, rodents, raptors, foxes and deer.  Participants will also help us spread native milkweed seeds throughout the prairie and get their own prairie seed balls for pollinators in their yards. We’ll be enjoying the snowy prairie today, while planting natives for pollinators tomorrow!

Hope to see you out on the snowshoe trail! 

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Snowshoes are sized by weight, not shoe size. It’s based on the load bearing strength of the snowshoe design.
  2. Most of our snowshoes are lightweight aluminum.  We have a few pair of traditional wooden snowshoes.  If you prefer traditional ones, please ask.
  3. The trail will be about a mile long – it is a different trail than our marked snowshoe trail.  The terrain will be relatively flat.
  4. This is not a guided hike.  Participants will follow the trail markers at their own pace.
  5. Wear your regular boots for snowshoeing – no special footwear is required.  Dress in layers – take the temperature into account.
  6. Anyone who can walk with ease can snowshoe.  It’s great exercise!
  7. We have snowshoes to fit children 3 years old and up.  However, you may want to bring a sled to pull behind you in case your young snowshoer gets too tired to go on.  
  8. You are welcome to bring your own snowshoes if you have them, however the fee is still $8/person.  Please think of  it as a donation to our nature programs.
  9. We must have about 6″ soft snow base for snowshoeing at Heckrodt.  This protects our snowshoes from damage due to ice and underlying forest detritus (limbs, rocks, etc).  It also protects the environment and hibernating critters from being trampled.  What happens if there isn’t enough snow?  We will have a winter hike through the prairie instead.
  10. This event is limited to 30(ish) people. 
  11. Want to have a “quieter hike” -think about staggering your arrival time.


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