One Bird, Two Worlds: Saving Songbirds with your Cup of Coffee

Saturday, February 16th

12:00-2:00 p.m.

$25 per person

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Come learn about the correlation between your daily cup of coffee and how it affects these migratory songbirds. We’ll highlight that your choice of coffee (how its grown/processed) does play a role in the success or decline of these bird species. This empowering journey will be explored through ethically grown coffee flights from these migrants’ Latin American wintering grounds. Complementing pastries will be specifically paired with each roast of coffee giving you a truly unique birding experience.  This program is intended for adult audiences.

100% of proceeds will benefit songbird education & habitat restoration at HWR

Coffee flights (experience) and pastries will be provided by Timshel Cafe’

This unique program is part of Heckrodt Wetland Reserve’s Pollination Initiative.   Our goal is to provide the general public with a wide range of hands-on-learning opportunities that promote an awareness of pollinators and environmental stewardship. This initiative will provide youth and the general public with a background on the life history of pollinators, the significance that they play in our current agricultural system, alternative options for home pesticides and herbicides, and the collaborative role pollinators play in allowing humans to enjoy our natural resources.  With that in mind, we look forward to the future in accomplishing our goal of a greater human and pollinator coexistence on an ecologically diverse landscape.


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